Tykables Camelot Adult Diaper

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Tykables Camelot Adult Diapers are a step above the rest. Each diaper has a 7000ml absorption rating making these the most absorbent diaper. 

This diaper features a printed Active Littles Grips landing zone with several cute dragons inspired from games and Saturday morning cartoons. Tykables continues to use the super soft Toddler Tough Plastic. The plastic is tough yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation. Add in the Waddle cut which is wider than the traditional diapers, you can waddle on. 

Diaper Size Guide
Size Waist Size (in) Waist Size (cm)
Medium 28" - 36" 71 - 91
Large 36" - 48" 91 - 122
XL 48" - 56" 122 - 142

Not all prints are available in all sizes.

Diapers - 7000ml

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