Rearz Select Adult Diaper

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Looking for a diaper with a classic feel? These two tape diapers have been designed to resemble the all white Pampers from the 80's with a soft blue inner sheet(blue inner sheet may appear slightly darker than pictured).


Having one tape per side makes for easy application and removal, not to mention that it's perfect for rounding out a cute, classic adult baby look. Sleek and adorable, they're sure to make you feel extra little!


Medium fits:  30" - 40"   Max fit:  26" - 47"

Large fits:  39" - 44"       Max fit:  30" - 54"



- Tall standing leak guards

- Fast absorbing core

- Front & Back Elastic

- Reinforced frontal panel

- Advanced Odor control

- Plastic backing

- Unscented

- 2 Sticky Tapes

- Capacity 3800 ml


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