North Shore MegaMax AirLock Briefs Adult Diaper - White

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NorthShore MEGAMAX AirLock Briefs offer up to 9 hours of cool, breathable protection with a soft cloth-like exterior. The breathable backsheet helps promote skin health while remaining durable to prevent sagging. Featuring the same frontal landing zone and large, heavy-duty refastenable tape tabs as the world-class MEGAMAX Tab-Style Briefs, conquer your day with confidence that tabs will stay securely in place.

The extra-large, extra-wide absorbent core provides excellent coverage in the front and rear even for active users and restless sleepers. Tall stand-up leak guards, leg cuffs, and waistband elastics protect against leaks from the leg openings and around the waist. NorthShore's custom sizing allows for a better fit and leak protection for those with more unique body shapes when compared to store brands.

Features Include:

Maximum Absorbency and Wicking Ability
Get up to 9 hours of protection and save money, and reduce changes.

Refastenable Hook & Loop Tabs
Large, heavy-duty, refastenable tape tabs with frontal landing zone to hold firm at full capacity.

Wetness Indicator (White Only)
Printed wetness indicator across brief lets you know when it's time to change.

Improved Sizing & Comfort
Unique right-sized briefs fit better and prevent leaks for wider range of body shapes. Strong elastic in front & rear waistbands.

Extra-Wide, Extra-Long Absorbent Core
Maximum coverage in front and rear day and night, even for restless sleepers.

Soft and Breathable Backsheet
Breathable cloth-like waterproof exterior resists sagging and odors even at full capacity.

Size Waist/Hips Absorbency (oz.)

Small 24 - 34 in. 30
Medium 32 - 44 in. 34
Large 42 - 54 in. 38
X-Large 50 - 60 in. 40

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