LFB Little Circus Printed Adult Diapers

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Key Features:

  • Gender neutral all-over pastel circus themed print featuring FOUR unique front panel designs.
  • For deeper immersion, little circus size ‘M’ and size ‘L’ are represented as size ‘1’ and size ‘2’ on the package.
  • Strong plastic backing you can trust to be leak and tear resistant. Four reliable tapes for snug security.
  • Ultra-soft cloth-like inner padding with quick absorbing core.
  • Stretchy leg gathers and a standing leak guard for superb fit.

Product Description:

LittleForBig diapers are thick and fluffy! Comparable to the thickest diapers on the market.

Strong plastic backing on the outside of LittleForBig diapers ensures confident security while the ultra-soft cloth-like fluffy padding on the inside is designed specifically for comfort.

Inside the diaper, soft inner standing guards help prevent any leaky accidents while the quick absorbency core works to keep sensitive skin nice and dry.

Four snug, hugging tapes keep the diaper safe and secure to the front panel, which is reinforced with plastic to allow for tape readjusting to get that perfect fit! Likewise, the stretchy leg gathers ensure that all that extra thick padding fits comfortably between the legs.

Enjoy the regressive fantasy of a trip to the super cute circus with LittleForBig’s all-over circus printed diapers in a mixed pack featuring FOUR unique front panel prints! Rosco the Lion, Dixie the Elephant, and Dot the Giraffe, star on the front panels with happy balloons and confetti, and even make an appearance all together on a carousel-themed front panel; it’s too cute for words – just like you!

Available sizes Medium (M) & Large (L). PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO MEASURE FOR YOUR SIZE.
Size Medium fits waists 28″-38″
Size Large fits waists 36″-46″

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