LFB Gen III Adult size Pacifier - Black

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Key Features:

  • IMPROVEMENTS from BIGSHIELD PACIFIERS. New shape to match a popular baby pacifier, Larger button for easier DIY decorating, Clear silicone nipple, Innovative dust cap to keep good hygiene, designed with medical grade plastic.
  • ADULT SIZED TEAT AND EXTRA-LARGE SHIELD. Teat Size: 1.6 inches Long x 1.2 inches Wide; Pacifier Shield Size: 2.6 inches Wide x 2 inches Tall.
  • HIGH QUALITY, SOFT & NATURAL. Specially designed, fits the mouth to give a natural feeling. Silicon nipple. BPA, and latex free.
  • MIXMATCHING FUN. Shield, button and nipple can be taken apart and re-assembled to mix-match with other BigShield Gen-3 pacifiers.
  • CALMS AND SATISFIES THE SUCKING URGE. It is just natural to use a high-quality adult sized pacifier to satisfy this urge.
  • REDUCES SNORING or completely eliminates it. Allows entering a deep and peaceful sleep.

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