Crinklz printed Adult Diaper - Fairy Tale

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With multiple printed patterns available, there's a Crinklz design for everyone. Crinklz Briefs have an extra thick, extra wide core for long-lasting protection. Elastics in the front and rear along with extra tall leak guards that cover the full length of the brief offer exceptional leakage protection for both bladder and bowel incontinence. Other premium features include oversized 1.5 inch refastenable tape tabs that are easy to grip and adjust.

Features Include:

Family Friendly
Playful printed patterns on outer plastic backsheet.

Extra Thick Padding
Highly absorbent core is super thick, able to protect for hours on end.

Tall Leak Guards
Leak guards run along full length of the brief to provide both bladder and bowel protection.

Elastic in Front and Rear
Elastic waistbands provide a comfortable, snug fit against the body.

Extra Large Tape Tabs
Refastenable tape tabs are 1.5 inches wide for easy grip and adjustments.



    Fits a waist of 75-110 cm / 29-43 in.



    Fits a waist of 110-150 cm / 43-59 in.


    Each polybag comes with 15 diapers, machine compacted into the bag to give the customer the most value.

    Note: Use of baby oil, lotions or similar products can cause problems with the breakdown of glues and ink across all diaper brands, so use with caution. We do not cover damages resulting from these products. 

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