Rearz Daydreamer Hooded Bodysuit

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Drift-off into serenity with the Daydreamer, where your fantasies merge with reality in these adorable hooded adult bodysuits. This long-sleeved adult onesie features a snug hood adorned with darling ears. Against a backdrop painted in hues of pink and blue, there's a realm where your daydreams materialize. Every adult baby can feel the embrace of the soft fabric, reminiscent of fluffy clouds dancing in the sky, accompanied by rainbows and the graceful glide of paper planes. Listen to the whispers of nature and let the gentle sway of fabrics mimic kites zig-zagging, all in this enchanting attire that elevates you to a magical realm.

This super cute and comfortable Bodysuit is made with cotton/spandex spandex giving it a great stretchy feel while keeping it as soft as cotton. Unlike Rearz other hooded Bodysuits, this one features elastics in the leg holes allowing for a better, snugger fit. Each sleeve also contains thumb holes to keep your hands warm on cool days. This Bodysuit gives a tight, discreet fit while helping smooth lines and holding diapers/pads in place without the fear of shifting or sagging. Features a metal snap crotch with 4 snaps.


Fits similar to a standard female T-shirt sizing (size up one size if you are used to male sizing). This Bodysuit can stretch up to a few inches longer than listed below and can shrink up to 15% after washing.


Size Chart
Size Chest Length
Small 31" 28"
Medium 32" 31"
Large 36" 32"
XL 42" 33"
2XL 46" 35"

3XL                                                   50"                                   37"

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