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My Inner Baby Retail store is TEMPORARILY closed while we wait for the court to hear our appeal.

As you might be aware, we've been fighting for the survival of our business over the last few months. The city of Noblesville has improperly determined that we are a "sex shop" and they are throwing everything at us to force us to close our doors. Today (8/10/22) they made it clear that they will seek penalties of up to $7,500 per day if we keep our store open! Therefore, we've made the difficult decision to temporarily close our retail store for now.

This is not the end! We have filed a lawsuit against the city's BZA and filed for a stay from the Hamilton county circuit court. We hope that the stay is granted quickly so that we'll be able to open our doors again while the appeal is heard.

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Their argument:

Here are the arguments the city used against us during their initial determination (Exhibit A) and the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) ruling (Exhibit B)


We have filed for a stay of decision, as well as a judicial review to challenge the decision of the BZA.

Update 8/16/2022: 

We filed an emergency petition for stay with the court today. The city continues to infringe on our rights and we have requested that the court make a ruling as soon as possible!

Finally, because many have asked, if you wish to help with our fight, please use our gofundme page

Thank you so much for your support! It is truly appreciated. We shall fight for what's right!