Rearz Spoiled Adult Printed Diaper (Discontinued)

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Rearz Spoiled
(2 pack Sampler!)

This print has been discontinued! Get these before they're gone for good!

These adult diapers have a super wide and really thick core for incredible absorbancy!  

A vintage style, all-plastic diaper that is loaded to top with features! These have brand name tapes, tall standing leak guards, elastic waistbands in both the front and the back, a thick plastic outer shell, reinforced front tape landing zone which allows refastening, and an adorable print! 

These are suitable for nighttime use and extended wear.

These hold approximately 4900ml (or more!) - That's over 1.29 gallons! 

Sizing Information

Medium (Size 9): fits 32" to 42" 

Large (Size 10): fits 36" to 52"

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