ODU Striped Skunks Bodysuit

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With an impressive biological defense system that solidifies their territorial claim for any creature within a sniffing radius, the Striped Skunks Bodysuit features one of the forest’s most misunderstood cuties! These rambunctious rascals bound after butterflies and dragonflies and insects against a chartreuse background etched with leaves, worms, and flowers. The white trim, reflecting the skunk’s special white stripe, ties the Bodysuit together, with little blips of color from the world’s tiniest creatures darting around the skunks’ lithe bodies!

Composition: 95% Cotton + 5% Spandex

High Quality Material: Smooth fabric that is gentle on your skin & soft to the touch

Rich Vibrant Colors: High quality printing, from bright vivid colors down to the finest detail

Sturdy Metal Snaps: Four strong crotch snaps to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit

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