NorthShore Supreme Tab-style Briefs - Purple

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Features Include:

Maximum Absorbent Capacity
Sleep all night as the soft quick drying top sheet wicks moisture into the microsorb lining keeps skin and bedding dry.

Wide Coverage
Extra wide protection in front and rear along with high absorbency and a dual wetness indicator that alerts caregivers when a change is needed.

Stand-Up Leak Guards
Tall Leak Guards once activated will stand up to provide a secure barrier at leg openings to prevent side leaks and contain bowel incontinence.

Plastic Backing
Smooth plastic waterproof exterior provides maximum protection from leaks, odors and sagging.

Premium Quality
Multiple quality construction features make these adult diapers truly Supreme as they are your best defense in the most demanding situations.

Elastic in Rear Waistband
Strong elastic keeps body-close fit and prevents leaks in rear.

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