Diaper Pins

Diaper Pins

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These vintage Baby-Safe diaper pins feature a metal covered brass head that pulls up to open and locks down to close.

The locking feature makes these pins a number one choice for pinning cloth diapers. A curved design glides through the diapers for easy pinning.  Approximately 2" long or 50mm

Package of 6

Tip: To keep your diaper pins at their best, store the points in a bar of soap. This will help them move smoothly through the fabric.

Warning - Keep open pins out of the reach of infants and children. These pins are not toys they have a sharp point when open and is not intended to be used or played with by children. Inspect your diaper pin with each use to be sure the locking head is properly working. Discard the pin if the locking head is not functioning proper. The pins should always be covered so a child can not get access to the diaper pin. When using diaper pins use great care not to poke the child with the point which causes injury. Always have a barrier such as your fingers between the diaper and the child to prevent poking with the point. Do not use diaper pins under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Made in China.  These are similar to the old style Dritz brand pins.

Please note the brand name on the these pins will vary, but the product will not.

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