Dotty Diaper Super Dotty the Pony

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Based on "The Dotty Diaper Company" popular signature Dotty the Pony design and now in its fifth generation, Super Dotty the Pony has a new increased capacity of 5000 ml.

Adorable all over pink design featuring bows and the signature Dotty the Pony mascot
Pink and white polka dot design on the wings
Soft, breathable plastic to allow for maximum comfort
A front and back waistband
High-quality dye that won’t run
A quilted inside design
High standing leg guards
Plastic landing strip
Four sturdy resealable white tapes
High-quality sap, designed to expand greatly when used

Holds 5000ml.

Available sizes:
Medium: 71 – 91.5cm (28″ – 36″)
Large: 91.5 – 122cm (36″ – 48″)

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