ABU Simple Adult Diaper 4-Tape

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ABU Simple

Keeping Your Diaper Simple Has Never Been so Awesome!

Let’s keep it simple, or not! The choice is 100% yours with ABU’s Simple diapers. ABU made sure anyone with a passion for creativity can enjoy these diapers as a personal blank canvas and design what they want to wear! You can choose to keep it classy as well and enjoy the clean and vintage look of an all-white diaper.

The smooth texture and classic crinkle of the all-plastic back are checking off the must-haves in a diaper lover’s premium choice. Front and back elastic, super tall leak guards, and a quick absorbing 5000mL capacity core. 

Sizing Information

Small fits: 22" to 29"

Medium fits: 31" to 36"

Large fits: 37" to 42"

X-Large fits: 45" to 52"

NOTICE: Use of baby oil, lotions or similar products can cause issues with glues across ABU's diaper brands; including joints, seams, tape panels, tapes and inks on diapers with external prints. To maximize your enjoyment of ABU diapers we suggest you use these sparingly and avoid external application. We do not cover damages resulting from oils/lotions.

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