Rearz Critter Caboose Adult Diaper

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A little adventure is just a train ride away with this adorable train of baby animals! This high definition, position printed diaper is sure to make you waddle into a one of a kind experience. Rearz thickest padding and highest absorbency yet is sure to delight even the littlest of littles. Boasting up to a 7600ml capacity, this diaper has the potential to bring you to your knees. Add in an overnight booster for an extra thick experience.

Each size features a different character on the butt. Medium features Tony the cute Koala, large features Angel the majestical Elephant, and XL features Snuggles the cuddly Panda.

                                   Best Fit                 Max Fit

Size Medium fits:      30" - 40"                26" - 47"

Size Large fits:           33" - 42"                32" - 52"

Size X-Large fits:        36" - 47"                33" - 57"


These come with 4 Sticky Tapes, are unscented, have a Wetness Indicator and have a capacity of 8000 ml (varies by size)

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