Tykables Little Builder - Large (Discontinued)

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Tykables Little Builders
(2 pc Sampler!)

Tykables Little Builders have been designed with the adult baby and diaper lover in mind. These are daytime adult diapers that are both comfortable and functional enough to wear throughout the day with a rating of over 3500ml capacity.

The Little Builders diaper features an all over design with fade when wet designs. The super soft plastic shell is strong, yet delicate to the touch to reduce irritation.

The Active Littles Grips are oversized and when combined with the extra durable landing zone they outperform all other adhesive tapes. Each fastener is over 1.5 inches tall and re-fastenable thanks to the Active Littles Grip hook and loop system. This new system allows for adjustments throughout the day if needed. With a 14 inch large front and rear waistbands as well as extra tall standing leak guards you get extra comfort, security, and confidence. 

This is for 2 diapers as a sample.

Sizing Information

Large: fits 36" to 48" 

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